Friday, June 23, 2017

Stalgia - Spirit Animal

After having released a string of successful singles last year such as as "In The Trees", "Heaven + Mimosas" and "BDY", Los Angeles-based duo Stalgia, comprised of vocalist Lauren Day and producer Brandon Leslie, now return today with their first new offering of 2017 entitled "Spirit Animal", a song that was inspired by a lullaby sung to Lauren as a child and another taste of the duo's forthcoming debut EP, Nomad, which is due out this fall via Evan Bogarts' label, Crooked Paintings. With "Spirit Animal", Stalgia once again find themselves fusing together a perfect balance of dark R&B meets hypnotic pop while continuing to garner support from both tastemakers and music lovers alike.

Listen to "Spirit Animal" below.

"Spirit Animal" is available now on iTunes.

Premiere via Impose Magazine.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

THANKS - I Can Get

Following last year's release of their previous offering, "Your Man" which featured guest vocals from none other than "Black & Gold" hitmaker Sam Sparro himself, Danish production duo THANKS, comprised of Anders SG and Anders B (both of whom were former members of Wonky Pop group Alphabeat), now return today with their brand new single called "I Can Get", a funk-infused banger which this times sees the pair enlisting the vocal talents of Christian Vium of Danish rock band Go Go Berlin.

Speaking on the track, the duo explains:

"The working title for this track has been 'Funk1' throughout the whole process. If you are learning to play the drums, Rock1 is the simplest rhythm you begin with. 'I Can Get' is our version of that rhythm with an added touch of funk. When we wrote the song and the lyrics we were tapping in to the vibe of super masculine and sexy male vocalists like Tom Jones and Mick Jagger. So we brought Christian Vium of Go Go Berlin on board on this track which we’re very excited about. He has the most amazing and cool sound! Our musical backgrounds are pretty different, but we quickly found that we have a common love for 90s cartoon-rock and French electro like Justice and Daft Punk."

Listen to "I Cant Get" below.

Premiere via The Line of Best Fit.

Emily Warren - Hurt By You

24-year-old Grammy award-winning and multi-platinum artist Emily Warren, who has previously lent both her vocal and songwriting talents to a handful of successful singles off The Chainsmokers's debut album, Memories... Do Not Open as well as collaborated on other massive hits by artists such as Frenship and Lost Kings, has just unveiled the music video for her debut solo single, "Hurt By You", which was directed by Blythe Thomas and filmed at the birthplace of Rock N' Roll - Sun Studios in Memphis, Tennessee, where some of the most iconic musicians of all time like Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis and Roy Orbison have all recorded some of their greatest hits. According to the press release, Emily was touring the studio during the day before her show with The Chainsmokers and while she was there she asked the guy at the front if they could film a video. As it turns out he happened to be the owner and he surprisingly said, "Sure! Come back after the show". So there you have it, Emily's debut music video where she's actually touching and playing Elvis' piano and singing into his own microphone. Check it out below.

"Hurt By You" is available now on iTunes.

Premiere via Refinery29.

HËXĖ - Words

Introducing London-based electronic pop duo HËXĖ, who have just unveiled their debut single called "Words", an emotive, thumping banger with a sing-along chorus. Comprised of vocalist/songwriter Lex Stowe and producer/musician Callum Raab, HËXĖ have a penchant for writing infectiously catchy, electronic tinged pop that wouldn’t sound totally out of place on both radio and streaming playlists. "Words" is lamentation for the Snapchat generation, laid back heartbreak with a shrug and a sub. The delicate but soulful vocals soar over the glassy synth and garage inspired percussion, creating the perfect storm of indifference and heartache.

Listen to "Words" below.

"Words" will be released this Friday (June 23rd) via Olympia Records.

Premiere via Clash.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Wednesday Wrap-Up #23

1. AGE - "Peaks"

2. BC Unidos (feat. Shungudzo) - "Bicycle"

3. CLAVVS - "Electric Feel" (MGMT Cover)

4. Flight Facilities (feat. Emma Louise) - "Arty Boy"

5. GL - "Reflect"

6. Lea Santee - "Doing Their Thing"

7. Meadowlark - "Body Lose"

8. Parcels - "Overnight"

9. Pink Flamingo Rhythm Revue - "Something Special"

10. Salt Cathedral - "Always There When I Need You"